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Cheese Gun

Cheese Gun

How many times have you been using a hot glue gun and thought, Damn, I wish this was cheese instead of glue coming out of this thing?

Well, if the number of times that’s happened to you is more than zero, holy shit, your dreams have come all the way true up in this life.

This is the Fondoodler.

(That’s like a play on words with “fondue” and “doodle” because you can use this thing to draw stuff with hot melted cheese if you want and Buzzfeed is somehow involved, therefore puns must also be involved.)

It’s an amazing device.

You fill the cylinder with literally any kind of cheese that melts and wait for the heat to render it unto melty goodness before pulling the trigger to cheese up whatever you’re doing. Hit up the website for more pictures and videos of the possibilities.

Get those orders in! The first run is already sold out but they’ll try to get new orders fulfilled by Christmas.

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