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Levitating Picture Frame

Levitating Picture Frame

Powered by the sorcery of magnetism, this picture frame holds your cherished memories (even if it’s just a photo of that really good sandwich you made that one time) suspended in air!

No hidden wires necessary, baby!

Don’t believe it?

Run your hand above and below the hovering picture frame! You can even spin the photo disk nearly a full 360 degrees while it’s suspended.

This is the type of home accent we’re all supposed to have in 2016.

Everyone’s running around taking pictures with their phones all day every day but what ever becomes of those photos? They get posted on Snapchat or Instagram and every new upload pushes it further down the profile or it ends up disappearing entirely. That’s a really stupid relationship to have with technology, if you ask us.

Keep your favorite moments on display around the house and do it in a way that will draw attention to it every day. It’s important to remember what’s special to you in life.

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