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Standup Drum Kit

Standup Drum Kit

Here’s the thing about drums.

Two things, as a matter of fact.

#1 – drums take up way too much space

They just do.

If you have to choose between having a bed or playing an instrument because they won’t both fit into your room at once, there’s a good chance that the instrument you want to play is too large. (Sleeping in a bed isn’t, like, mandatory or anything but, holy shit, it’s nice. You should sleep in a bed.)

#2 – typical drums kits are played with every limb of your body

Like, if you join a band and you’re a drummer then playing a one hour set is like running a cross country race while sitting on a tiny little stool. Yeah, you’d sweat some playing those other instruments but it’s a world of difference.

Solution: buy a cocktail kit!

It’s like a drum kit but way skinnier and so much more relaxed. Like a standard drum kit grew up and mellowed out in its old age.

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