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Politician Cat Scratching Posts

Politician Cat Scratching Posts

Anyone who follows politics has certain figures they despise.

It’s part of the deal.

You’re Right. They’re Wrong.

They get to be on TV, spreading their Wrong all over the world.

You have to sit at home, watching them mouth off and there’s nothing you can do about it except go on Facebook and write some shit about how Wrong they are and how Right you are.

It’s something but it’s not enough.

Finally there’s a way for you to feel like you’re really getting back at those Wrong politicians!

These scratching posts for cats have a very realistic headpiece made to resemble famous politicians – Putin, Obama, Clinton, Trump, etc. – and the body of the post looks like that politician has been bound up in rope to be helpless while your pet cat scratches the fuck out of them!

[The feline party doesn’t have to stop here. Visit drunkMall’s Caturday Night Fever gift guide for more purr-tastic gifts for pets!]

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  1. Ah man, this will make an excellent gift for my in-laws. Sir Poop A Lot will love thos!

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