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Skull Microphone

Skull Microphone

If you’re in a rock band with any sort of tough or moody or dark themes of any kind at all and your lead singer DOESN’T have this microphone, why are you wasting everybody’s time?

You’re wasting your time and you’re wasting our time and everyone knows it and you know it do.

Look at this thing. It’s an old-timey looking microphone molded into the shape of a skull. That’s as rock and roll as it gets. If that doesn’t say, “Good evening, citizens of Boise, Idaho. My bandmates and I have come to your town to riff-i-size your faces and penetrate your orifices.” then literally nothing on this planet is capable of saying that.

Honestly, your band probably sucks because, statistically, most bands are hot garbage. But if your singer uses this microphone then at least you can look like you might know what you’re doing up there on the stage.

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