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Cigarette Pillow

Cigarette Pillow

Make sure all smokers are aware of your home’s smoking policy with this cigarette shaped throw pillow!

Smoking cigarettes indoors destroys the value of a home. That smoke permeates the carpets and furniture and can even turn the walls and ceilings yellow! So let your guests know they can smoke ’em if they got ’em but they have to step outside to do their huffing and puffing!

This cigarette pillow is a plush, enlarged recreation of a modern cigarette. There’s a filter and the end of the cig is colored brown to represent the unlit tobacco in a fresh smoke. (It would be orange but there’s no smoking, remember?)

Embroidered on one side of the cigarette body is the universal symbol for NO SMOKING and the words underneath, just in case anyone doesn’t get it!

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