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Impossible Shapes Soy Sauce Dishes

Impossible Shapes Soy Sauce Dishes

Sushi is as much a visual art form as it is a delicious meal.

Whether you’re serving nigiri and rolls at a home party or just want to blow the mind of your local sushi chefs, these soy sauce dishes add an entirely new dimension to the experience.

The bottoms of the dishes are such that the soy sauce takes on a different color depending on the varying depth of the the dish. This trick gives the illusion of Escher-like shapes when sauce has been poured into the dish.

It’s a neat little trick and it also prevents the wasteful (and mostly American) habit of filling a regular dish to the brim with more soy sauce than will ever be used by one person in one sitting.

These dishes are currently wrapping up a very successful Kickstarter campaign – nearly 300% funded – so go ahead and stock up!

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