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Stress Boob

Stress Boob

It makes sense, really. Squeezing a boob was probably one of the first things you ever did to deal with stress when you were only an infant. Now that you’re older, there won’t always be a boob on hand when you need one – until now!

Everyone deals with stress in their own way. Stress balls seem to be pretty popular. They’re usually pretty normal, though – just some brand logo or other. Since starting drunkMall last year, we’ve seen a few pretty crazy alternatives, including this set with annoying faces.

While most office spaces will likely have rules prohibiting one of these boob balls, the design is actually more convenient for a working space than a regular ball. See, the protruding nipple can be positioned to keep it from rolling right off the top of your desk.

Grab one of these boobs now and you can grab it later, too – any time you want!

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