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Butter Mill

Butter Mill

Meals with milled food are fancier.

What’s “milled” food?

Well, you’re familiar with it, even if you think you aren’t. Anyone who’s ever eaten at an Olive Garden has at least had milled food offered to them.

“Fresh pepper for your salad?”

That’s right – even if you’re uncultured enough to think it’s called a pepper grinder, it’s actually called a pepper mill.

A mill is a food container that keeps its contents from being exposed to outside contaminants with a lever at one end to dispense an appropriate amount of that food as needed.

This here is a rarely seen butter mill. It lets you add some flair to otherwise boring meals by winding out some thinly sliced curls of butter for corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, toast or whatever else you’re having that needs topped with some butter!

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