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Capt. Picard Facepalm t-shirt

Capt. Picard Facepalm t-shirt

A shirt for those of us who frequently feel the walls of mankind’s colossal stupidity closing in all around us.

It never ends…

Every day’s “trending” sidebar is more ridiculous than the day before. “What did Florida Man do today?,” we wonder. Here’s a news flash for you: to intergalactic travelers there is no Florida Man. He’s just Earth Man to them…

Until we get off this flying rock and start making bad decisions in outer space, all we can do is bury face in palm as the madness multiplies like Tribbles.

Capt. Picard knows this feel… And that’s why this shirt is great. You can also think of it as a form of silent protest. Promised someone you’d attend a social event that’s sure to be a nightmare? Boom, done.  Maybe you’ll even meet someone else who feels the same way.

[There’s always more dankness to be found in drunkMall’s Magical Meme Marketplace!]

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