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Giant Connect Four

Giant Connect Four

All the fun you had as a kid, jumbo sized to compete with your bigger adult life!

We’ve said it many times before, if you want to entertain a drunk adult, pretty much all you have to do is give them something to do that they used to love as a kid with one or two twists on the formula.

If you don’t believe it, go take a look at drunkMall’s Best Drinking Games Ever post. Or just look at this massive version of Connect Four – don’t you want to play?!

Standing almost three feet in height and nearly four feet wide, you can play games of Connect Four inside (if you have a large enough table) or haul the whole thing out in the yard on a nice day,

And, of course, the game pieces are much larger, so you’ll be less likely to lose them than the tiny checkers from the regular version of the game.

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