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Toilet Target Sticker

Toilet Target Sticker

Keeping a clean bathroom is pretty essential to doing repeat business with “houseguests” and party friends. When it comes to spillage, it’s recommended to take whatever measures one can to ensure proper utilization of the facilities.

In other words, if there are gonna be a bunch of drunk dudes taking pisses in your bathroom, give them something to aim at or don’t complain when they get distracted by your quirky bathroom decorations or whatever and pee on the floor.

Now, if there’s on thing we’ve learned at drunkMall, it’s that drunk people and small children have a lot in common. (It’s probably a combination of limited attention spans and faulty motor skills.) This is a sticker that people buy when toilet training boys so they don’t pee all over the place, so it stands to reason that it will also work on drunk adult males, right?

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