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Six Pack Christmas Cards

Six Pack Christmas Cards

Christmas with the family.

It’s coming a lot faster then you’d like to think.

Once you get old enough that this means dealing with nieces and nephews, alcohol becomes like a secret currency in the house.

Yeah, you’ve all bought something for yourselves off your Amazon wishlist and wrote “from Santa” on the card so you could open it in front of everyone and let them know what they’d have gotten for you if they cared about you…

But right around the second cry fest from some kid hitting some other kid, all the adults start looking around at each other to see if it’s been long enough to go grab a big boy bottle from the fridge.

Face facts and show up with these holiday six-packs. There’s a greeting card right on the side of each box so you can address each set of Christmas cheer to a designated recipient.

Happy holidays!

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