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Gold Lollipops

Gold Lollipops

There’s gold in them suckers…


More gold than anyone’s seen in a sucker since the big strike back in ’94, as far as anyone can tell.

Okay, but seriously, yeah. These lollipops have gold in them. 24-karat gold leaf, to be precise. And if that isn’t enough luxury for your life then wait until you find out that they’re champagne-flavored, as well!

So anytime you’re in a situation where you can’t exactly life the baller-ass lifestyle to which you are accustomed, you can still discreetly be a baller by popping one of these in your mouth. Enjoy the classy flavor of bubbly and know that you’re satisfying a sugar craving with the help of authentic gold pieces.

Each pack contains 6 lollipops, so you’ll have enough to share if you want or you can just stock up for yourself!

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