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Game of Thrones Wine

Game of Thrones Wine

You may have noticed that a new season of Game of Thrones will be happening in less than a month by the way that the marketing campaigns have been in full swing for like two months and it’s literally everywhere you look online…

Game of Thrones is basically the new Christmas. Every year the hype starts earlier.

Anyway, if you’re like us then Game of Thrones makes you want to drink wine. Like, specifically any scene with Cersei or Tyrion, where they just pound cup after cup of Dornish wine? Yeah, whatever’s in those cups, we want some.

However, if you really are like us then you don’t know shit about wine. Are you just supposed to go to the store and buy the one with the label that looks the coolest?

We don’t know.

But luckily someone has come along and made it so we don’t have to make our own wine decisions by creating an official Game of Thrones label. Get some.

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