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40oz. Brown Bag Beer Koozie

“The Brown Bag” 40 oz. Koozie

So you’ve come up in the world since your days of hanging around the basketball courts brown baggin’ a 40.

You made it out of the streets.

You did some school, got a job.

Shit, now you’ve got enough spare cash to buy koozies to keep your beer cold and your hands warm…

But whaddaya do when you feel the need to reconnect with your roots?!

Yeah, you can just go grab an O.E. like olde times but then it’s too much like it was.

You’re right back where you were with the paper bag. Anyone who comes around and don’t know might get it twisted, think you’re just doing you. You didn’t come up this far to let it go down like that, did you?

Find a happy middle ground with brown bag 40oz. koozie!

From a distance, it may look like you’re kickin’ it old school cuz yer an old’ fool that’s so cool but anyone who gets a closer look will realize – oh shit – they’re dealin’ with a straight player rockin’ a koozie on the forty ouncer!

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