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Hip Hop Frog

Hip Hop Frog

Sup, frog?!

Yo, you gotta get this collectible while you can because they aren’t making anymore and plus it’s just a dope ass frog, homey! Decked out in clean gear and rockin’ some tight jewelry, this frog dances around and raps “In Da Club” when you press a button on its hand.

Side note, you ever wonder how “dog” became the slang term people call each other? It could have been any animal in the world but people chose dog. Maybe it should have been frog? It rhymes and frogs are pretty badass, by the way. Some frogs can poison your or make you trip your ass off just by touching their skin. Dogs can’t do that…

Anyway, this frog came out a few years ago and it’s a really fun gift for people who like frogs or silly toys. Being a rap fan helps, too.

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