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LED Bubble Gun

LED Bubble Gun

Are you so tired of blowing your own bubbles????

You’re in luck!

Because probably some time like 30 years ago but we don’t know because we weren’t paying attention – some person came up with the idea for a gun that blows bubbles for you!

So those exist.

But also, the person who made this one was like, “Uh, it has some batteries in it. THAT’S rad. You know what else is rad? Flashy light thingies. And those fuckin’ things use batteries, too, bro. So, let’s have the same batteries that power the bubble blowy parts also juice up these flashy light thingies and let’s have a party!”

That’s a dramatic interpretation of how it went done, which means it was almost definitely nothing like that but the real story probably sucks a lot and you wouldn’t want to tell it at a party where you hope to get laid.

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