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2-in-1 Beanbag Chair and Bed

2-in-1 Beanbag Chair and Bed

Remember that enormous “beanbag” we posted a while back? That thing’s incredible and a person could for sure sleep on it if they wanted.

This beanbag* is a little more snug when it comes to seating more than one person. However, there’s a standard full-sized bed hidden inside! Just undo the zipper, pull out the mattress and you’re good to go. That’s the kind of ingenuity we’re looking for in our specially designated #BlackoutFriday Countdown products! For fans of comfort and versatility.

*If you stopped paying attention after the ‘90s, they don’t put those little beads inside of these anymore. No more little white balls slowly leaking out of your increasingly useless beanbag and working their way into every imaginable nook and cranny of your home.

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