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Live Praying Mantis

Live Praying Mantis

Everyone else’s pets are so boring.

You’re not boring. You’re exciting, sophisticated and eccentric (aren’t you?) and you should have a pet that reflects those qualities in yourself!

Did you know that Ancient Greeks & Egyptians believed praying mantises to have supernatural powers? The Greeks thought the praying mantis had the magic ability to show lost travelers their direction home and the Egyptians believed the mantis lead the souls of the dead to their place in the afterlife.

That’s cool. But what else is cool is that can keep them as pets!

This kit includes a starter container, fruit flies (a.k.a. mantis food) and instructions for keeping your mantis alive and happy. Since mantises only live for about a year, most people who keep them as pets also breed them, which means you could get an up close look at that famous “murder/fuck” move the female praying mantis is so famous for doing!

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