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Don’t Worry Beyonce Shirt

Don't Worry Beyonce Shirt

This is almost sacrilegious but Beyonce is like the millennial Oprah.

Not that she’s out here giving away cars on TV or trying to start a book club or any of that. But she’s an inspirational figure for millions and millions of young people. That’s how Oprah got where she is now, by being that inspirational figure for an older generation.

So don’t hold your breath for Beyonce’s new lifestyle magazine to come out any time soon but, whatever the 2020 version of that will be, you can bet she’ll be on top of that empire if she decides she wants to be.

This shirt is kinda like those W.W.J.D. bracelets that got popular in The 90s. Instead of stressing over the dumb shit, just stop and ask yourself “What Would Beyonce Do” and then try to do that!

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