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Garden Gnome Monster Massacre

Garden Gnome Monster Massacre

If anyone knows how the whole stupid garden gnome trend got started, keep it to yourself because nobody cares and we’ve moved on to making fun of that shit by parodying it in sick and cruel ways.

drunkMall has a well established fascination with all things Godzilla. (Hit that tag at the top of this post if you want to check out the history.) Now we’re not saying the monster in this product is meant to be Godzilla because the site where we found it doesn’t say that and it would probably say that if they were trying to make a Godzilla statue, right?

Reasonable assumption.

But this monster definitely¬†reminds us of Godzilla and that’s good enough. Throw into the mix that the monster is devouring a crew of little garden gnomes and this product is amazing!

[If this post got you feeling brave then you should¬†see if you can handle drunkMall’s Monsters Are Real Gift Guide – it’s scary cool!]

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