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Ice Cream Sandwich Bench

Ice Cream Sandwich Bench

It’s an indoor bench designed to look like a classic ice cream sandwich!

Does furniture get any cooler than this?

No, it does not.

Perhaps the best thing about this bench is that itĀ almost looks like just a normal piece of furniture. Like, if someone comes in to your home, sees this and is totally unaware that you’re the kind of person to buy ice cream furniture, they’re totally liable to think that you accidentally bought furniture that resembles frozen dessert! You can even play dumb and act like there’s nothing unusual about the bench!

This piece is exactly the kind of product we’ve been hunting down for our lead up to Blackout Friday, which is still ongoing. So if you think this post is wild then you should take a few minutes to check out everything else we’ve found: Blackout Friday Countdown!

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