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Cannonball Beer Growlers

Cannonball Beer Growlers

Great balls of beer!

Don’t go looking around for a cannon to load – this ain’t that kind of party.

They might look like cannonballs but it’s a different ammo hiding in these spheres – beer!

With the standard growler capacity of 64 ounces (that’s a half gallon, math geniuses), these jugs offer an alternative design to the typical glass growler. Obviously modeled after old-timey cannonballs, the jug is made of real ceramic stoneware, weighing around 3.5 pounds when empty. (A little heavier than a regular growler but nowhere near an actual cannonball.)

The spherical shape makes storing a full growler in the fridge far more convenient than traditional designs. The cannonball growler is shorter and able to fit into shelves much easier.

Bring your cannonball growler to the local filling taproom or use it to bottle your own homebrew!

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