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Banana Flasher Plush Doll

Banana Flasher Plush Doll

Don’t let this banana anywhere near the teddy bears! If one bad apple spoils the whole bunch, we don’t even want to think about what might happen if this bad banana gets its hands on the cutesy dolls…

Bananas are definitely the creepy old guy wearing nothing but a raincoat of fruit. If bananas all came to life like an ’80s claymation fruit commercial, 911 would be swamped with calls about perverted bananas running around exposing themselves to anyone who will look.

Here’s a plush doll for all you freaky banana lovers out there. Show off your demented sense of humor at home or give this flashing banana as the perfect gift to your similarly deranged friends!

And if any of you buy one of these for your favorite porn star or something then make sure you tell them you found it on drunkMall. We love the outcasts and the outcasts love us!

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