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Trump Troll Flag

Trump Troll Flag

Even Donald Trump’s most fervent supporters won’t deny that the man is trolling with many of the things he says to the media and on Twitter. In fact, that’s exactly why a lot of Trump fans love him so much! You could think of him as the King of the Trolls, whether he ends up in the White House or not.

Or maybe Captain Troll has a better ring to it. If Donald Trump is Capt. Troll, then he would be the captain of a ship and fly his very own troll flag on the mast! Would you sail with Captain Troll? Then fly this flag high and show allegiance to your crew!

We’ll assume you Trump supporters are filthy rich, so you can simply instruct your staff to raise this flag alongside Old Glory on your front lawn. You can even fly it outside all of your many many business locations!

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