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Pie Face game

Pie Face game

This game is popping up all over social media lately. In case you can’t tell, it’s basically Russian Roulette with a pile of whipped cream to the loser’s face instead of, you know, permanent death. Seriously, Russian Roulette is such a crazy game that one time we thought, “Wait, isn’t that offensive to Russians?” Then someone showed us this in-sane (and probably NSFW) video: The Ultimate “Only in Russia” Compilation

We think it’s important for children to learn that you can be the best or smartest or most talented or whatever else and still take a whipped cream splat to the face for no other reason than sometimes life turns out that way. So this is a pretty good game, if not-so-subtle life lessons are your goal.

It comes with a sponge you can get wet and use instead of whipped cream but come on – don’t be like that.

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