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Mad Men Cookbook

Mad Men Cookbook

Dine (and drink) like Madison Ave. executives of The 1960s with the recipes found in this “unofficial and unauthorized” Mad Men Cookbook!

Now, one could be forgiven for saying, “Food? I remember everyone on that show doing a whole hell of a lot of drinking but I don’t particularly remember them doing much eating!” However, if you go back and watch the series again, you’ll find quite a bit of fine dining being done. In fact, every recipe from this cookbook is inspired by the food shown in specific scenes from the show (the reference info is in the book for easy identification).

The authors of the book even tracked down some very famous recipes from the legendary Manhattan restaurants shown in the series! You’ve got Waldorf Salad, Sardi’s Steak Tartar, even Grand Central Oyster Bar’s oyster recipe.

And, of course, those cocktail recipes are all here. Want to know how that original Mai-Tai was mixed? Boom, done!

If you’ve been waiting for an excuse to rewatch the show, there isn’t a better one than to make the food served in the episode you’re watching.

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