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Life-Sized Cardboard Loki

Life-Sized Cardboard Loki

The Avengers movies are pretty good. They have Robert Downey Jr. in them, which right away is a lot more than most movies have going for them!

Tom Hiddleston’s performance as Loki is, again, pretty good. But The Avengers‘ Loki has nothing on the Norse god. We aren’t gonna get into it here because… Well, honestly, because you’re probably drunk right now and your attention span is no match for Viking mythology.

But Loki is the most controversial figure in the Norse pantheon. Scholars can’t even agree on whether he was good or evil. One thing is for sure, he was one of the original pranksters. (Psst, check out our Prankster’s Paradise post now, if you haven’t. Our love of practical jokes has a lot to do with our love of Loki.)

If you enjoy your trickster gods as much as we do, you can’t go another day without this life-size Loki standup in your home!

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