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Darth Vader USB Hub

Darth Vader USB Hub

Use the force of electricity to charge several devices at once!

Phones, iPods, L.E.D. shoes, vibrators…

It seems like everything that holds a charge these days pulls the juice in through a USB connector. At a certain point, there just aren’t enough USB plugs around to get everything charged!

You might not think Darth Vader would be the answer to this problem but you’d be wrong.

This USB hub is a replica of the most fearsome¬†Sith Lord’s helmet and face mask. Turn 1¬†USB plug into 4 USB plugs in an instant. All you’ve gotta do is come over to the Dark Side!

And if that isn’t enough to get you Star Wars fans interested, check this out…

When a device is plugged in to the hub to charge, it makes that famous “Darth Vader breathing” noise!

You can shut the breathing noise off, if it annoys you.

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