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Cute Pencil Eraser Megapacks

Cute Pencil Eraser Megapacks

Shaped like a bunch of foods you’d probably want to erase from your eating history if you’re on a diet, these megapacks of random erasers from Japan are just about the cutest way that we’ve ever seen to do away with written language!

Burgers and doughnuts, ice cream and hot dogs, pizza and french fries – these types of junk food and more are on hand to snub out whatever filthy words you jotted down with a pencil and then later decided you should eradicate from the peeping eyes of history.

Are pencils still heavily used in Japan?

Maybe these are meant to be more like a collectible thing than a functional thing…

Hey, get these collectible and cute Japanese junk food erasers here! Each pack comes with a random assortment – you won’t get more than 3 repeats in any order!

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