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Watermelon Shark

Watermelon Shark

Watermelon is so good. Always a hit at outdoor gatherings, no one really needs help making the watermelon more popular at the party. This is more like a way to use the inherent popularity of watermelon to show off your own personality and sense of humor.

People may go, “Hmmm, I believe I’d enjoy a bit of watermelon. Let’s go get some melon.” And then when they get to the watermelon they may say, “Whoa! That crazy [your name] has really done it this time… That watermelon looks like a freaking shark!”

Most people seem to think this is a kit that helps you turn a real watermelon into a shark. It’s not. What looks like a watermelon in the photo is actually part of the serving platter. Just add melon. (Or whatever you want, really.)

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