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Complete Far Side Collection

Complete Far Side Collection

The Far Side is essentially the exact opposite of The Family Circus.

While both comics generally use a single panel format instead of the typical multi-paneled “strip” of most newspaper comics, one of them is the worst piece of unfunny shit ever printed in a Sunday edition and the other is a pretty great example of an artist carving out their own niche within which to excel.

That artist is Gary Larson, the creator and sole author of The Far Side. Some of you may think of The Far Side as a cartoon on your dad’s favorite sarcastic coffee mug or that funny t-shirt your mom wears to cookouts at the lake. Maybe you’ve never read much of the series but you really should, especially now that you’re old enough to get the jokes!

While Calvin & Hobbes is probably the best comic strip of all time, The Far Side is pretty close behind, in terms of wit, intelligence and originality.

The complete series has finally been collected in this three volume set, so take a trip back to The Far Side now!

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