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Dry Erase Clock

Dry Erase Clock

Time is whatever you need it to be with this post-modern clock piece.

Where a traditional clock would have a face full of numbers to tell the time of day, this clock’s surface is a blank slate made from dry-erase board material.

Honestly, this is an amazing device.

Nobody needs a clock with numbers on it. We all know where the numbers are and even if this was just a blank clock then you’d still be able to use it to tell time. But for most of us, the time of day is only important in relation to our schedule for the day.

In other words, it doesn’t really matter that it’s close to 3pm. It matters that you’re supposed to be at the gym every weekday at 3pm, so why not just write “GYM” in the 3:00 position on the clock?

Cut out the middleman and be more productive!

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