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Adjustable Measuring Cup

Adjustable Measuring Cup

Everyone has that one drawer in their kitchen that’s way too full of way too many cooking tools, like wooden spoons, egg whisks, food tongs and every measuring spoon/cup on the face of the planet except for the one you need right now.

Screw that drawer. It’s an awful place.

And screw all of those measuring cups, too. They take up more space than anything else in the drawer unless the last person to use one stacked them back up all nice, which they didn’t.

We have new technology, people.

We’re better than this and it’s time to start acting like it.

This is an adjustable measuring cup. Whatever volume of ingredients you need between 2 cups and none, it can portion that out for you. Replace all of that clutter from multiple spoons and cups with this one tool. Or, if you want to get real fancy, you can get two: 1 for dry ingredients and 1 for wet ingredients.

You’re welcome.

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