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Ramune: Japanese Marble Soda

Ramune: Japanese Marble Soda

Ramune is called “marble soda” because the bottles are sealed with a glass marble, held in place by the carbonated beverage. To open the bottle, you push the marble down, breaking the seal and trapping the marble in the neck of the bottle (so you don’t swallow it while enjoying your drink).

Perhaps you’ve guessed by the photo that ramune comes in many different flavors. As it’s made in Japan, you’ll also not be surprised to know that some of these flavors make WTF Soda seem like unflavored seltzer water: kim chee, octopus, curry…

But the word ramune (pronounced RAH-moo-nay) is actually based on the English word “lemonade,” as lemonade was its direct inspiration. So you’ll be pleased to learn that, like lemonade, most flavors of this Japanese soda will be quite pleasing to Western tastebuds.

Check your local Asian market if you’d like to try some. Don’t have a local Asian market? We’ve got you covered – hit that link below!

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