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Krampus Flask

Krampus Flask

Get into the spirit of the season with some help from a good flask!

What season, you ask?

Uh, well, any season really…

Fall/winter is insane with the marketing bullshit. As soon as it’s Fall, assholes like us start trying to sell you Halloween costumes. Come November 1st, it’s our job to make you feel like a dickhead if you haven’t already started doing your Christmas shopping.

Look, we know we’re a pain in the ass but listen: if you’re drunk then maybe it won’t bother you as much.

So Krampus is a pretty good bridge between Halloween and Christmas and owning a flask is a really good excuse to do some drinking!

Think about it, you see someone drinking from a pint in a brown paper bag?

Not classy.

See someone drinking from a flask?

Mysteriously classy and socially acceptable, for some reason!

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