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Cigarette Butts Sweater

Cigarette Butts Sweater

If you’re wondering whether or not this sweatshirt is what’s considered fashionable these days, you can stop wondering because young adults will wear the shit out of this.


Are you serious?

Have you been paying attention to fashion even a little bit in the last five years?

Have you seen these stupid ass hoodies that zip all the way up over the face of the person wearing them?

Are you not familiar with the fact that you can charge $200 for literally any object that you can imagine as long as it has the word SUPREME printed or stamped on it in a certain font?

Have you never seen a pair of Yeezys?

Fashion is trash and it’s been trash for a while. That’s the whole point!

This sweater is already selling like crazy.

[Of course, if this isn’t your style then you may want to see drunkMall’s Not So Ugly Christmas Sweater gift guide for some more options that are out there!]

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