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Blowing Monkey Nail Polish Dryer

Blowing Monkey Nail Polish Dryer

Why blow on your own fingernails when a cute little monkey buddy will do it for you?

This battery-powered nail dryer is super cheap, so a lot of the people who buy it don’t seem to realize that it’s even an electrical device. It needs those batteries! The banana button isn’t a pump bellows.

Also, you’d probably expect the air to come out of the monkey’s mouth but it actually doesn’t. The air comes out from a vent under the monkey’s chin.

So do your nails up all pretty, hold them in the right spot and press down on the button to easily dry your freshly painted nails! It’s as simple as that.

These are good to use when painting the fingernails or toenails of a kid, by the way. It can be difficult to get children to sit still, which is something you really want them to do while they have on fresh nail polish! Make drying that polish fun and they’ll be more likely to do it.

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