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Watermelon Slicer and Server

Watermelon Slicer and Server

As the weather turns from warm to windy, those gatherings of friends and family you’d normally have outdoors move inside the house. All that sloppy drunkenness, sticky food and social mayhem goes from the backyard – the easily-hosed-off, “let nature take its course with dropped food in the grass” backyard – right into your nice and clean, indoor living areas.

But watermelon is still so fucking delicious.

And thanks to the miracles of modern agriculture, you can get your hands on a ripe watermelon year-round.

Don’t deprive your guests of the juicy melon they expect at gatherings, just because you don’t want to hand out dripping slices of sticky watermelon.

Use this convenient melon slicer and server to hand out cleanly cut slices of watermelon on plates – this part is important – and you won’t have people walking around holding that inevitable carpet stain by the rind!

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