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Plant 10 Trees Hemp Hat

Plant 10 Trees Hemp Hat

Do yourself and the environment a favor by picking up one of these hats.

First, the brand plants ten trees for every hat they sell.

Trees do great things for the planet, like create oxygen. You know, the stuff your body is trying to inhale when you’re having a horrendous coughing fit after taking too big of a bong rip?

Yeah, trees.

Next, the hat looks good. Like, real good.

The shade of green is pretty unique and the leather accents pop against it. You’ve got a leather logo patch on the front and Snappies’ patent-pending leather-and-brass snapping strap in the back. (So it’s technically a snapback but looks like a strapback.)

Finally, the material (minus the leather) is 100% hemp. Now is the time to support hemp products. You can find more info about that by googling, like, “why to support hemp” and clicking anything that comes up.


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