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Assorted Beer Candies

Assorted Beer Candies

Assorted hard candies inspired by a variety of craft beers.

Uh, yes please!

It’s almost as if you get a little older and the candy makers of the world stop making candy just for you. You can still buy the regular stuff they’ve been making for decades, sure. But even if you still have the stomach for all those sugary flavors, it’s just more of the same thing, nothing new! And when a new candy shows up on the rack, you know they weren’t thinking of you when they made it…

Here’s a candy for adults. Considering how many people keep stuff like this around the desk and in the car – two places where one should almost definitely not be drinking beer – it makes total sense to create a hard candy with flavors aiming for tastes like a hoppy IPA, roasted stout and a honey ale!

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